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Happy New Year, baby … January 5, 2006

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… I hope you’re doing fine.

So, first post of the new year, I believe. I’m a little amazed that it’s 2006, but that just seems to mirror the quickness of my life … and so many others, too. Change, change, change. It’s good, but sometimes I wish I could stay in some moments forever. That, however, would be rather unhealthy, and it’s better that I not do something like that.

Petal Pushers was fun. I think that this was the last year I will be decorating Rose Bowl floats for a while, and frankly, I’m going to miss it. There are always other things to move on to, though, and I intend to find them. Now, I just need to motivate myself to work on my study abroad essays. I also need to get my books. Enough dawdling. I go back on the 8th, but hopefull I’ll post before then.


P.S. As a shameless plug, please check out , my knitting journal. 🙂


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