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Another Year February 26, 2006

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… Good Lord. I’m 20 years old today. Here’s to another good year and the cake that I’m baking for my roommate. It’s her birthday, too! (Isn’t that odd? But cool.)

My dad got me an 80 GB portable hard drive for my birthday. Last year he got me headphones. I don’t know how he does it. He has picked the kind of thing I’ve been eyeing (but always better and unexpected) for two years now. He’s good … dang. 🙂

Otherwise, I’ve had the present of having my mom and sister here this weekend. Everyone has been lovely, as we have family over and somehow nobody’s gone mad. I should sleep. But I won’t. Because I need to catch up on these silly Olympics. I love Joey Cheek. 🙂


Prompts for <lj comm=”7hexes”> February 24, 2006

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HP Fanart Challenge
Character/Pairing: Charlie Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks
1. the cruelest month
2. effect of impact on stationary objects
3. violin
4. draw the line in the sand
5. supernova
6. did you see what I did?
7. candle in the window
Progress: 0/7

just for me. yeah … I’m doing this one, too.


Prompts for <lj comm=”7spells”> February 23, 2006

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I’m going to do this. I figure it will be something to work on that’s more productive than whatever else has been going on in my life.

HP Fanfiction Challenge
Character/Pairing: Sirius Black
1. above the thunder – Costs
2. dragon tears
3. glass moon
4. grey
5. sing the blues
6. history repeats itself
7. concentric ceilings
Progress: 1/7

personal reference. stalk it and be rewarded. 😉


31328 February 21, 2006

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It’s not colored yet, but I am too tired to do any decent coloring in great amounts tonight. So I’m giving it to you early. There shall be a dedication. Mm … to good kinds of love between giant freckles and bookworms.

Ahem. I hope you liked it. Now … I’m gonna go make my sandwich. Today’s midterm went okay. I never thought I’d be indebted to Ralph Waldo Emerson. ::silence::


Ooh … February 20, 2006

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So last night, I stayed up ’til 6 AM. I was drawing fanart. How horrible of me. :grins: I could have studied for my US History Midterm, but no, that would not have kept my attention all night. I went to sleep right before sunrise with thoughts of Hermione/Charlie dancing around in my head. I blame LJ for getting me back into HP Fandom headlong and & for HG/CW, which has become my first OTP. Yeah … fandom here I come.

Hopefully, I’ll get to ink it and maybe color it and x-post it and a few other things. Pretty much, if you pay any attention to this or anything else I happen to be muttering, you’ll see it. Now I have to go study. I’m gonna die. … 6 days ’til I turn 20. I’m a little shocked.


Sheep February 16, 2006

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Yes, I’m doing this, too. I am procrastinating. Help me (in more ways than one)!

Go, please, else I’ll feel like a complete idiot.


is anyone in the mainstream? February 14, 2006

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I am having one hell of a day. It’s been good, but it’s felt like crap. Maybe this is my mind just screaming: LOOK AT ME! I EXIST! HELLO!

I think about it and I don’t want to be selfish. I know the world doesn’t revolve around me. Sometimes I think it should, but I am sure it doesn’t.

To be clear about the sheer wonderful-ness of my day:
— I woke up with time to spare, I got to class early, and my hair has been doing some wonderful 50s-ish flippy thing all day
— I was informed that I was accepted into the Rome Study Abroad Program
— The library books that I was so worried about were renewed until the end of the week
— my prospectus was extended from today (Tuesday) to Thursday
— my friend Irene left a valentine on my door
— I got a B+ on my history paper
— my friend Kat left me a lovely comment on facebook

Not a bad day at all. In fact, seeing it all in writing, it was downright wonderful. And despite this wonder, I feel this underlying anger in my apartment today. I think people are just sick. And I’ve been huffy besides. Although I swear it was a response. It’s not an excuse, though. I just need to brighten up.

You know, when I finally get into the habit of posting, nobody comments. I am such a comment whore. I guess I just want someone to tell me I’m doing something right.

[edit] Name: Amy
Age: 19 … but I’ll be 20 on the day of the closing ceremonies (Feb. 26)
Location: La Jolla, CA (UC San Diego)
Favorite winter Olympic sport: figure skating, snowboarding, speed skating
Favorite winter Olympic athlete: Michelle Kwan, Belbin & Agosto, Shaun White, Jeffrey Buttle (aww … he’s crying), Apolo Anton Ohno … although there are more, I suppose
Favorite summer Olympic sport: swimming, gymnastics
Favorite summer Olympic athlete: Michael Phelps, someone else?
Which country do you think will end up getting the most medals during the 2006 Olympics? Russia?
Anything else? nope [/edit]