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I am in shape … February 13, 2006

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… round is a shape.

Okay, so that done with, I can frankly say that I woke up at 7, at breakfast, woke up a friend, got to the gym at 8, worked out on the eliptical for 10 minutes then promptly vomited in the nearest trash receptacle. That is not what I’d like to call my grandest moment ever, and the stretching was indeed better.

Now I am done with my shower and have class that starts in an hour. I have discovered that my prospectus has received an extension until Thursday. This also means that I should not procrastinate. God, now I’ve done it. I jinxed myself. ::knocks on wood::

I have come to the resolution that I just need to follow through. Please don’t hold me to it. Maybe that way I’ll actually do it. Or, then again, go ahead and nag me. I’d love to talk to you, even if you are getting on my ass for not doing what I should be doing.

I owe it to myself not to give up on a lot of things. Now I just have to believe that.

Ooh … and if you got to the bottom of this post, know that there’s a download in my previous post. Alan Rickman. Voice. Yum.


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