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is anyone in the mainstream? February 14, 2006

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I am having one hell of a day. It’s been good, but it’s felt like crap. Maybe this is my mind just screaming: LOOK AT ME! I EXIST! HELLO!

I think about it and I don’t want to be selfish. I know the world doesn’t revolve around me. Sometimes I think it should, but I am sure it doesn’t.

To be clear about the sheer wonderful-ness of my day:
— I woke up with time to spare, I got to class early, and my hair has been doing some wonderful 50s-ish flippy thing all day
— I was informed that I was accepted into the Rome Study Abroad Program
— The library books that I was so worried about were renewed until the end of the week
— my prospectus was extended from today (Tuesday) to Thursday
— my friend Irene left a valentine on my door
— I got a B+ on my history paper
— my friend Kat left me a lovely comment on facebook

Not a bad day at all. In fact, seeing it all in writing, it was downright wonderful. And despite this wonder, I feel this underlying anger in my apartment today. I think people are just sick. And I’ve been huffy besides. Although I swear it was a response. It’s not an excuse, though. I just need to brighten up.

You know, when I finally get into the habit of posting, nobody comments. I am such a comment whore. I guess I just want someone to tell me I’m doing something right.

[edit] Name: Amy
Age: 19 … but I’ll be 20 on the day of the closing ceremonies (Feb. 26)
Location: La Jolla, CA (UC San Diego)
Favorite winter Olympic sport: figure skating, snowboarding, speed skating
Favorite winter Olympic athlete: Michelle Kwan, Belbin & Agosto, Shaun White, Jeffrey Buttle (aww … he’s crying), Apolo Anton Ohno … although there are more, I suppose
Favorite summer Olympic sport: swimming, gymnastics
Favorite summer Olympic athlete: Michael Phelps, someone else?
Which country do you think will end up getting the most medals during the 2006 Olympics? Russia?
Anything else? nope [/edit]


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