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Ooh … February 20, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amy @ 8:42 pm

So last night, I stayed up ’til 6 AM. I was drawing fanart. How horrible of me. :grins: I could have studied for my US History Midterm, but no, that would not have kept my attention all night. I went to sleep right before sunrise with thoughts of Hermione/Charlie dancing around in my head. I blame LJ for getting me back into HP Fandom headlong and & for HG/CW, which has become my first OTP. Yeah … fandom here I come.

Hopefully, I’ll get to ink it and maybe color it and x-post it and a few other things. Pretty much, if you pay any attention to this or anything else I happen to be muttering, you’ll see it. Now I have to go study. I’m gonna die. … 6 days ’til I turn 20. I’m a little shocked.


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