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fluffily we roll along – baseball ramblings April 1, 2006

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I simultaneously love and hate my life. Went to the Giants/A’s exhibition game last night (Friday) at AT&T (stop changing the fucking name) Park. There weren’t many people because of the projected rain and the overall evil that is the month of March. As that was the case, my dad and I snuck down to the second row, by third base. Ohh, such good seats. And just guess what I did. Guess. I forgot my camera. Oh well … the view was good. 🙂 I got my baseball fix for now, and now I’ve got to go back to San Diego and sit it out. At least the Giants won last night, but it was close. I’ve decided that I enjoy the A’s. Particularly Huston Street, who didn’t pitch last night. Bobby Crosby had an error (wow). Umm … they had Frank Thomas starting at shortstop :dies: just so he could bat third, then they replaced him with Crosby. That was … something. As for the Giants, they showed Giants Idol. I don’t think I’ll get over Barry as Paula, yet it was a … match. The highlight of that was the lack of singing ability from the Giants rookies, but Travis Ishikawa sang “I’m Too Sexy,” which inspired him to pull off his shirt. Natural enough. Then he pulled off his pants. That was a WTF moment to be sure. Yes, I’ve brought IM language into LJ. God save us all.

Okay, I’m done. Next time, I need a good camera. Next time, I also need to spend more time at Spring Training. So I can go stalk the A’s too. I am so doomed.


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