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Ew. May 20, 2006

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Unh … I feel completely and utterly crappy. I have a headache, of which I am most definitely not a fan, and my stomach is all twingy. I managed some chicken noodle soup, orange juice, and water, but we’ll see what’s up with that. Hopefully this is a temporary bug … not on of those colds that plagues a person forever. :knockonwood: I got the hint when I was really tired at my cousin’s apartment. Then, the hot hot sun felt so amazing on my back, and while everyone else was happy about the coolness of the Cox Arena for my cousin’s graduation, all I could do was shiver. Gah. Now I just feel warm, because I’ve bundled up in a sweatshirt and sweatpants. I look like a mess. Admittedly not too horrible considering I slept from about the time I got home (7:30 PM?) to 10:15 PM or so. Long nap. Then I figured I had to eat. Eh … why do I have to get sick. I was doing so well this quarter! … I fail. Oh well … I guess this is just a sign that I need an R&R weekend. What’s funny is that I swear I have bearly done anything these last few weeks. I felt like such a lazy bum. Today started a string of seeing family. This week, my mom’s brother’s family (he’s the oldest) for his middle daughter’s college commencement. Next weekend, my two aunts and my cousin (but they’re not her mother) are coming down for Memorial Day. I can’t say I’m completely looking forward to it, because it means hanging out with her boyfriend. Ever here of family-only time? The first weekend of June, I’m flying home for my sister’s high school graduation.

So much to do … so not the time to feel ill.


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