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Finally? July 9, 2006

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I give in … I’m updating, I’m updating!

So, I have been wrapped up in life, and it’s just … wow. I think I’m getting a job at Walgreens (through a few appreciated connections). I am hoping I can still go to the Duncan Sheik/Vienna Teng Concert @ GAMH. Please, please, please, let me go? 😀 Okay, here’s to hoping. In other news, The Light in the Piazza is on tour — and it’s coming to San Francisco! Which naturally means I want to go see it. I’ve even been plotting to go to NYC just to do so, but this option is much cheaper.

In sports news, the Giants are crap, and the All Star Game is approaching … and I do not care. I have been obsessed with the 2006 FIFA World Cup, which Italy won. I am not saying they won on the best terms, and I am not saying that it wasn’t racist or it wasn’t inappropriate, but they won. I admit I was rooting for them. It is a shame that it came down to penalty kicks. The Germany – Argentina game, I felt, was much more classy, and maybe Germany should have won the whole thing. I honestly couldn’t choose who to root for in the semi-final, so it was good to see Germany win the consolation match, and Italy to win the championship. And through it all, the suspected racism and the violence, Zidane is still an amazing player who deserves respect, and Italy still earned their spot at the top. (Quotes from Italian and French players. Pretty classy?) And Germany exceeded the expectations of everyone. Who can ask for better stories than that. The World Cup was a story that took hold of the world for a month, and a tale that will inspire 2010 in South Africa. Until then, there is baseball, but I am suddenly more excited about going to Rome this fall. Not that I wasn’t excited already. My paperwork is almost complete. And they’ve given my my passport back, complete with Visa. Oh boy!

And please, pardon the link spam. I’m just trying to reference my comments, you know. 😉

If I have a mailing list for when I’m in Rome, would any of you like to be on it? If you would, just tell me!


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