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Shine July 13, 2006

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I really want to knit a baby sweater. In rosy, heathered pink. For a really cute baby-to be. Her parents are adorable, so she should be pretty darn cute, too!

I am sitting at the desktop … this is a rare occurence nowadays, but we desperately need new anti-virus software, so I think I’m partly excused. At least sitting in one place gives me time to think. About how much time I have left in the US before I leave. About the job that I am going to get … and still need to finish the mathy part of the application on. About the daydreams I have about hot Italian men. Umm … those are all valid thoughts, and reasonable too, except for that last part. 🙂

Anyway, per predictions, watching this year’s All Star Game was another waste of time. The NL is just disappointing. Period.

I am also obsessed with the second Teddy Thompson CD, Separate Ways. And I have yet to open some other CD. I also bought 3-way convertible white shorts and a pink & orange reversible skirt from the Gap. God, I feel like a retail whore. At the same time, I feel like I bought good pieces to take to europe. The shorts aren’t too short. That’s why. I still won’t be able to wear them in St. Peter’s Basilica, but I don’t think I’ll feel guilty about walking through Vatican City in them either. I have been reading too many travel books …


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