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Where Am I? September 21, 2006

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I am sitting at the computer at my hostel in Florence, wondering what the hell happened. I am here early, and I am meeting my parents tomorrow, hopefully at the train station. If not, I will track them down. Or, I will sit in the bloody lobby of their hotel for God knows how long. Let us pray I find them at the train station. Got lost in Venice. Slept in a tunnel in the rain. Got soaked. I think my socks are still wet. Got to Milan on one piece, but someone’s money got stolen, so she had to head home, with my other buddy. So I headed alone to Florence. It is a beautiful city, but I am worried that being here too long is making me jaded. Luckily, I will meet up with my parents, and that will make it all better, because I am certain they are excited about Italy. I miss Rome already. Alas. I am now working on my last two minutes of internet time, so I will not be able to get back to anybody until Sunday evening. I start classes on Monday morning. 9 AM sharp. Wish me luck? Anyway, I love you all and promise to update more. My handwritten journal is getting fuller by the day, but this LJ is as empty as ever. Love ya.


Lost in the City September 1, 2006

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Every day I walk through the heart of Rome, past the Vatican, past Saint Peter’s. I’m really here. There’s no denying it. I am in Rome, and I love it, yet at times, I feel incredibly lost. Like I’m missing out on something, like there’s is not and will never be enough time. At the moment, I’m attempting to plan a side trip for my weeklong break, and I think I have decided on Barcelona (where my beautiful friend Irene is studying). My other trip will probably take me to Germany (where I have wanted to travel since I studied German in 7th grade — I’m a 3rd year in college now!), and on the weekends, I want to go to Florence, Venice, Turin, and the other beautiful cities Italy has to offer. I am just so confused as to what I want to do. I want to go to so many places, see so many things, and have a wonderful, amazing time, yet I know that if I travel too much I’ll miss out on the little stuff that this big city has to offer. All the time spend traveling is time lost, and I’m afraid that I will still feel lost here at the end of my trip, and that is the last thing I want. There are two walking tours this weekend, plus a cooking class, and I can’t wait. I am also hoping to make reservations for the Borghese Gallery to see the Raffaello exhibit. Who’s excited now? XD