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Where Am I? September 21, 2006

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amy @ 9:13 pm

I am sitting at the computer at my hostel in Florence, wondering what the hell happened. I am here early, and I am meeting my parents tomorrow, hopefully at the train station. If not, I will track them down. Or, I will sit in the bloody lobby of their hotel for God knows how long. Let us pray I find them at the train station. Got lost in Venice. Slept in a tunnel in the rain. Got soaked. I think my socks are still wet. Got to Milan on one piece, but someone’s money got stolen, so she had to head home, with my other buddy. So I headed alone to Florence. It is a beautiful city, but I am worried that being here too long is making me jaded. Luckily, I will meet up with my parents, and that will make it all better, because I am certain they are excited about Italy. I miss Rome already. Alas. I am now working on my last two minutes of internet time, so I will not be able to get back to anybody until Sunday evening. I start classes on Monday morning. 9 AM sharp. Wish me luck? Anyway, I love you all and promise to update more. My handwritten journal is getting fuller by the day, but this LJ is as empty as ever. Love ya.


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