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Who Loves You, Baby? October 24, 2006

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All right, so I’ve been a slack at posting. We still don’t have internet at the residence, so I’m using the internet at the study center. Talk about a pain in the butt. To that end, if you call me on Skype, I’ll get it on my cell phone? So call away people, but let’s keep it short, because my phone credits always run out fast.

Okay, so life has been crazy. Not too much drama, I suppose, but I have found that I tend toward one roommate more than the other. It’s natural, I know, and this situation pales in comparison to freshman year at UCSD, so really, I feel like I’m doing well. I haven’t been sleeping well, though, and everything that makes me stress out gives me a nervous stomach and I can’t eat. Gah, I just need to get over these nerves. Right in the middle of my stay. Honestly!

That brings me to another thing. We have passed the halfway point. It’s hard to believe that we have less than two months left, and it’s equally hard to believe that over two months have passed. It’s more surreal than anything else, and I’ll miss Rome when I come home, but I don’t think it’s the love of my life. It’s just not quite me, but hey, I’m working on it. There are days when I wish the world around me would stop … but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Anyway, midterms were this week. I had two yesterday, and there’s one more tomorrow night. Then it’s off to the soup kitchen. Thursday morning, I have a group oral exam in Italian, and then I’m done.

So … the exciting part! Thursday evening, I depart for Barcelona! I’m staying for three nights with Irene, then on Sunday evening I depart for Budapest. In Budapest, I’m staying through until November 2, then it’s off to Berlin for the last leg, then back home to Rome on the 5th. At … oooh … 7 in the morning. That will suck. Other than that, I’m relieved to have a break from Rome, as lovely as it is. I’m just so stressed right now, and I feel like I’m doing all right, but I just want to push myself harder, and I feel like I’m at the point of breaking. I know I can’t break, and I know I just have to hold on and breathe, but there are those moments when I feel like I’m suffocating. Those moments pass, though, and I’m just back to being me.

Life is crazy. End of story.


Big Pimpin October 6, 2006

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As I’ve been in Rome and all about Italy, I’ve started drawing again. I’ve been having a lot of fun, and I realized I had some outstanding fandom commitments that I still haven’t fulfilled. That didn’t stop me from signing up for , which is bringing together artists and writers to put together a full tarot deck in time for the end of March (it’s close enough to Vernal Equinox …). Anyway, that’s not to downplay my relationship with God, but this comm looked like too much fun to turn down. I’m doing the Queen of Wands, and guess where I went for references? The Vatican Museum! Anyway … this is a reminder to ask my roomie to get me the puzzle of the entire Sistine Chapel Ceiling. They seems to have them readily availible before you enter. But after, not so much luck. And of course, you can’t go back through the Sistin Chapel, because they’re just anal like that. It was fun, and now I have a lot of strong female figure references. Now if only I could come up with her faces. And her costume. Oh … my Queen of Wands is Ginny Weasley. It was the interpretation in the table, but it fits. All right … I really should read. I have been saying that all week. Oy.