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39570 November 2, 2006

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Hey everyone! I am currently in Budapest, Hungary right now, with a silly Hungarian keyboard (the z and the y are switched, and the numbers go 0123456789öüó, I cannot find the apostrophe and thus cannot make contractions, and the punctuation is wonky). Anyway, I just wanted to check in, to inform all that Budapest is lovely (but cold!). Barcelona was gorgeous as well, and I got to visit a good friend from school who I may not see until next September when school starts up again. I am almost entertaining making another trip out to Barcelona, but I just do not know if I have the time. If not, it was fun. I leave tomorrow for Berlin, and that completes my trip. I am excited but nervous, because that is the first time this trip when I will actually be alone. In Budapest, I got to hang out with my amazing friend Sophia. So far … this week has been awesome.

Also, please pray for me to find a church in Rome. I know I only have 6 weeks left, but I realized how much I miss the fellowship. If there is anything you would like me to pray for you for, please let me know. Anyway, I must now go to pack, because I depart the hostel at 10 AM for the airport, and it is about a quarter past midnight. Did I mention that the wine here is good?


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