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counting asians March 29, 2007

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Today, as I walked up Grant Ave. toward Columbus (mind you, I was a ways away), I walked through the “gated” entrance to Chinatown. A bit after I entered, I noticed some boys all wearing matching shirts. I then proceeded to walk past a group of them as one declared loudly, “That’s the fourth Asian person I’ve seen so far!” I blanched and continued walking up the hill. The boy must not have made it to Stockton St. or something. Whatever. Race isn’t really evident until you make a big deal about it. It’s like getting asked if I was “giapponese” all of the time in Rome. It got even better when I heard “sayonara” or “arigato.” I really kinda wanted to punch people, but I restrained myself and moved on with my life. That’s what it is … evidence that people can’t move past ethnicity. Not that we shouldn’t be proud of who we are; our ethnicity, just like our sexual preference or our gender. We are all these things, but I am Amy, and you are exactly who you are, not just some … let’s say, homosexual white male. Just throwing that out there. Don’t worry. I’m a heterosexual Asian female, but I go by the name of Amy, so call me that, not “Asian” or “hey you” or whatever. I kinda like my name.


all things must have a beginning … March 26, 2007

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I realized how much I missed this, this blogging thing. I’m not expecting much this time. If people want to read this, I’m thrilled. If nobody stops by, that’s all right, too. This will be my space, I hope. I want to be myself here … well, sans knitting, which is over at Knits from the City, my knitblog. I figure that this’ll be fun, since I haven’t used LJ in, well, almost forever.

Anyway, if you’re out there, I hope you enjoy!


low on pictures, high on charm

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So, it’s been far too long since I posted. I really should try to make a habit out of blogging about my knitting, since it does seem to consume my life. Even during final exams. I had to hide my knitting in my wardrobe so it wouldn’t drive me to distraction. Now that, my friends, is something sad … at least in the interests of graduating from college.

And what, may you ask, was I knitting that was so gosh-darn distracting? I will tell you what: my very first sock! I bit the bullet and ordered 10 balls of variegated, teal sock yarn off eBay, and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I consulted Chelle to ask her opinion on the matter, and this led me to Jaywalker, which is a simple pattern for a beginner (namely, me!). Even if they are on US 1’s! I think I nearly passed out at the thought of working on needles that small, but I have survived to blog this, so I think I’ll be all right. Anyway, as of now, I have almost finished my first Jaywalker. I would actually be done by now, but I seem to have forgotten my darning needles in San Diego, and I am too cheap to buy another one while I am up in San Francisco. Thus, my Jaywalker I sits on two US 1’s, just itching to be kitchener’d.

So, Chelle was also right in thinking I’d get addicted to socks. I went out to my LYS today (the staff were super-helpful), and I bought 3 skeins of Louet Gems Pearl in Fern, wound them up into balls, purchased along with some DPNs and went along my merry way. There was a bit of a detour while I was winding, though, as my aunt found herself wanting a v-neck sweater. So, while I wound, she picked out a pattern. It looks promising, and the next time I’m in town (likely this summer), we’ll head out to the LYS again and pick out yarn for her sweater. Or maybe we’ll just scour the internet because I can’t drive. I really haven’t thought it out that far yet. 😀

Oh … that Louet will hopefully be turned into a pair of Hedera. This really is the time I wish school was over. And I’ll fix my pictures, and blog more, and perhaps all will be well with the world. Except gas prices. I don’t drive, and I still look at them and shudder.