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the daily grind April 3, 2007

Filed under: college — Amy @ 3:42 pm

Well, I’m back at college. It turns out that my grades for last quarter are better than I could have hoped for. Two A’s and a B+. I can easily live with that. In other news, socks are happening at my knitting blog. Other things really should be happening in general, like photographs, job searches, grad school searching and other cool things, but I am a bit of a slacker, and I still need to clean my room tonight. That’ll be a nice start. And maybe bleach the kitchen sink.

I was excited that Roomie A had cleaned the apartment. It was so shiny! Now we just need to keep it that shiny. Also, I really need to stay awake for my upcoming class. Oh, who’s thrilled about 5-8 PM? We’ll see. But hopefully tonight I’ll pick up my ballroom shoes, which came in the mail! (Hooray!) Then, I’ll try to be productive.


One Response to “the daily grind”

  1. Irene Lynette Says:

    Amy…I have a question: have you gotten around to cleaning your room yet? Better yet: have you still not cleaned your room? hehe…I love you.

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