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deja vu? April 23, 2007

Filed under: WIP — Amy @ 2:32 am

Jaywalker #1 is done, thanks to my mother’s darning needle. Now, I have turned to Jaywalker #2, and by that I mean that I believe I’ve been trying to turn the heel of Jaywalker #2 for about 12 hours. I’ve lost a stitch. I’ve broken the pattern. I’ve counted multiple times. I’m sure I have everything. All I really want to do is turn the heel. then I can start on the rest of the sock. Then my poor little lonely Jaywalker #1 can have its sole mate. It’s noticeably darker sole mate. That’s all right. It’ll just mean that the socks are handknit. For sure.

I really must take pictures.

Update: The heel has been turned. It’s a 3 AM miracle. It just needs to stay that way.


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