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tiny pieces – hiatus May 23, 2007

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I am going to go nuts. I insisted on ripping out all that work on the Eyelet Cardigan because I wanted to try my hand at a different cast on. It’s the perfectionist in me. If I hadn’t, I would always have wondered. Now I have 5 balls of cream colored yarn again. I don’t have the time to put it back together.

At the same time, I finished a sock. I have one sock of two. I have other socks that need to be properly finished. I am a right knitting mess. This is crazy.

I don’t have time until the term ends to really concentrate on my knitting. I need to do schoolwork, and that’s all there is to it. So, until then, I’m on hiatus. See you in a month or so!


random talk for a tuesday evening May 22, 2007

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That’s it. I have to stop missing class. This is getting downright silly.

And you know what else is downright silly? There’s a new pill out there, and its intention is to end periods. I just don’t think that’s natural! Sure, being a girl is a pain in a butt, but there are some things out there which I just don’t think should be messed with that much. This is one of them.

I know, I can’t believe I’m putting this after menstrual talk, but Apolo Anton Ohno won Dancing with the Stars, Season 4! I think he most definitely deserves it, and I know that it makes me entire family happy. See what happens when my family votes? Good things, people, good things.

Another unbelievable thing: this academic quarter is coming to an end. It’s mind-blowing that it’s 8th week, but I just want it to go faster. I don’t want to say goodbye, but I’m tired of this already. I wish I could do well and we could just be through, because it’s frustrating. My classes aren’t bad or anything, but there’s so much I’d rather do, I guess. On a class related note, my Poli Sci professor was feeling bad today and had to sit down. We were all worried about him, so we called the paramedics. It seemed like he was doing better afterwards, but he gave us a scare. The man is the product of history. Someone once told me that he’s like Forrest Gump. He’s seen everything: the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Holocaust, Communist China, Communist Russia, Imperial Japan. It’s crazy. He’s living history.

One of these days, I wonder what legacy I’ll leave. I hope it’s a good one. I hope people stick around and care. I hope I leave the world better than I came into it.


finding the one? May 16, 2007

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A friend and I were having a conversation about our attempts to find “the one.” Not “the two,” not “the three,” but “the ONE.” This, of course, followed stories of our various attempts (amusing, surprising, and downright mortifying), all in the hopes of finding someone who fits each of our criteria.

She mentioned a few categories of men, including “‘object of my worldly lust’ or ‘that guy I kind of like’ or ‘he’s kind of endearing’ or ‘oh my dear God I want you in multiple ways’.” This got me thinking, what have the men in my life amounted to?

Oh, let’s see, I wasn’t properly kissed until I was 20, and even that, I would say, was questionable, because, although he was charming, he was an Italian man of indeterminate age who took me up to the Gianicolo (the Roman version of makeout mountain) and promptly proceeded to flirt and lay one on me. I had no idea what was up. I was naive enough to think it wasn’t even a date! Bad choices. Luckily, that all ended there. In short, don’t talk to random Italians on the street and don’t take a ride on the back of their motorini.

The other rather inappropriate physical contact was at a Roman salsa club. A large, possibly Cuban, man started dancing with me. He was harmless at first, albeit a bit weird. He would try to have me put my hands on his face. This should have hinted me to run away. No, I kept dancing. That only made him think I was into him, apparently, because I kept turning away when I thought he was trying to kiss me, and eventually, he licked me! From collarbone to ear. Can you say “gross!”? Right after that dance, I ran to my friend and begged him to hide me. I need to start screening my dance partners.

Somehow, Rome brought out the flirt in me. Other than that, a guy I semi-asked-out turned out to be gay. He’s a great guy, but I worry that every guy I like, even a little, will be gay. This worries me. Somehow, I don’t think it’s going to be a HUGE problem, because I have mostly Bible Study friends, but you never know. Other men, men I can’t have, can be downright charming. And this, this perhaps, is where I get into trouble.

So, returning to the idea of “the one,” I’m far from finding him. I figure he’s out there somewhere, and until then, I’ll have to be satisfied with wildly entertaining and embarrassing stories from my past. I think that what’s most evident here is my bad choices. I need to work on those.


altar boyz! May 11, 2007

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I couldn’t NOT post this video of “Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan … Abraham (he’s Jewish)!”

You’ll just have to watch it to see why:

I know I’ve been posting a lot of videos lately, but I’m having fun with it. I’m sharing stuff that I love, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. A note about this video is that I got to see this particular cast (the original cast) Off-Broadway in May of 2005. They are excellent, and this video showcases that. I mean … I certainly can’t dance like that, much less sing while I dance. It’s impressive and funny, all at the same time.


pimp my artist

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Because I just can’t get enough, here’s another video for your viewing/listening pleasure. This one I actually shot. It’s Brad Wolfe and Megan Slankard playing/debuting their brand spankin’ new duet “Hand in Hand” at the Cafe du Nord. It’s not the best quality, because this was just taken with my regular camera, but it’s a great song, and I highly recommend that you give it a watch/listen.


finally, something of my own

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I took the liberty to upload the Altar Boyz medley from the 19th Annual BC/EFA Easter Bonnet in 2005. It’s fun, and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


the ghost of sleep May 10, 2007

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I have a problem. I can’t wake up on time. I set my alarm clock and promptly hit it every time it makes even the tiniest beep. I don’t want to wake up. And because of this lack of ability and lack of desire, I miss my class. My 11 AM class! I enjoy that class! How does this happen? This shouldn’t happen! I should be normal, but no, I have a problem. It’s time to take drastic waking up measures again. I need to go to bed earlier. Really. And I need to do my homework. And I need to focus … and … oh dear. My life needs one of those self-help shows or something.