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all she wants to do May 8, 2007

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So, what have I been up to lately? I’ve been knitting my tail off, and there is work to show for it, but it’s dark, for which I apologize. I figure I’ll share it with you anyway.

This is the back of the eyelet cardigan. I love that the stitching that forms the eyelets looks like vines climbing up the back of the sweater. I’m already making some adjustments for my size, so we’ll see if they pay off.

This is a detail shot of the cast on. Chelle told me today that maybe I should have used the tubular cast on, but I’m happy with it. I don’t yet feel comfortable enough with the tubular cast on to give it a shot. I know it’s my first sweater, but I’m excited.

In short, all I’ve been doing is knitting. I’ve shirked homework, I’ve stayed up late, and all I want to do is knit … even while sitting and taking notes in lecture! This is getting bad. I have other things to do, but to my knowledge, I have not failed an exam for the sake of knitting, and for this I am grateful. I also (re)started Hedera, the lace pattern in the eyelet cardigan reminded me a lot of the eyelets in the socks. I couldn’t resist. that, and the yarn is such a beautiful spring/summer green.

Knitting makes my life better. Even if people do stare at me on the bus.


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