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small obsessions May 9, 2007

Filed under: dance,videos — Amy @ 6:04 am

I admit it, I am addicted to certain TV shows. By this I mean that I will even sit through the commercials during these shows — that’s how much I want to watch in the moment, if you catch my drift. In particular, I’ve been obsessing about Dancing With the Stars. I mean, Apolo Anton Ohno! I’m most definitely voting for him … and he has earned the votes, might I add.

Check it out:
Apolo & Julianne’s Paso Doble
Apolo & Julianne’s Samba

Both of these dances were really fun and really intense. I like the second one, because the song is “I Like To Move It,” which I remember from Madagascar. It’s all good fun. I wish I could dance like that … and yeah. Enough babbling. Time to keep on not sleeping. I’ll knit instead.


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