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hopefully, this is just an isolated incident June 7, 2007

Filed under: college,links — Amy @ 5:56 pm

Today, I’m taking a break from my unwritten paper. (I procrastinated far too much.) I just wanted to mention this one little thing. Questionably intelligent people. In this case, I find it funny. I mean, it’s history after all. My “Crisis Areas in World Politics” class once discussed the value of history. It’s indispensable, but it’s also often misconstrued as justification for genocide. History is much touchier than we give it credit for.

We had our last class meeting on Tuesday, for that particular class, and I find that notable because a bunch of us got up and personally went up to shake our professor’s hand. He’s an amazing guy, and his stories most definitely need to be heard — especially now.

On a lighter note, check out The other sites just don’t do it for me, but this one is downright hilarious.


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