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tony talk June 10, 2007

Filed under: music,theatre — Amy @ 5:02 pm

I should have better things to do, but I’m watching the Tonys. I caught the lead-up, but I have to wait for the rest because I’m on PDT tape delay. Bother.

Spring Awakening and Coast of Utopia took home the greatest amount of Tonys for musical and play, respectively. The show took a risk this year by having no host, but the only thing that could have made it better is Hugh Jackman. I love that guy. I also love the cast of Spring Awakening. They’re a huge inspiration, and they deserved all the accolades they received. They probably deserved even more, too, particularly because theirs is a group effort with an amazing ensemble. This only solidifies my desire/need to go to NYC, stat.

First, however, I need to finish this paper that plagues me so. See what I mean about the doom?


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