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swinging in the trees October 6, 2007

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I totally didn’t mention that these are my Socktoberfest socks!


I’ve found the solution to my photo problems! I take my knitting to school anyway, so why not photograph it on campus? It’s so brilliant, its a wonder I never thought of it before. I’ve been going kind of crazy on the monkeys, so I keep knitting them, and the photos I am posting are … how you say, always behind.

This is what they looked like yesterday afternoon before I went ballroom dancing.

Just working my way through this big ball of yarn. Monkey #2 is coming out of here, too. 🙂

Close up on the picot edge.

Look ma, another sock!

And I am really itching to start up Icarus, because that Malabrigo Lace is calling my name!


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