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Project monogamy? What’s that? October 7, 2007

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Okay, so I’m feeling the lace itch, and I’ve decided that the best way to solve this is to knit up Icarus with that most beautiful Stone Blue Malabrigo Lace. However, I haven’t even blocked my Swallowtail! Oh dear … I just feel like there’s no time. I think I need to weave in all of my ends and just get it all prepared. Maybe I’ll lay it out tonight. I’m not sure yet.

Mmm … every time I see the Malabrigo I get excited. It’s all balled up and raring to go. I wonder if I should at least start up Monkey #2, as Monkey #1 is very nearly completed, save for weaving in ends. Socktoberfest is ON! Pictures to come.

Not too many knitting stories lately, other than that my knitting essentially takes over my life, and I forget to pay attention to my other work. However, knitting and baking are the only two things that allow me to relax nowadays, and I’m running nonstop on weekdays. Well … going going going. I need to reorganize my yarn. My queue of projects is ever-growing, so I’m just constantly stash-busting. It’s so much fun, though, and I’d rather have too much yarn than too little. 🙂 Now then … no time for words … more time for knitting.


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