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coming to terms February 4, 2008

Filed under: college,life,rant — Amy @ 5:01 am

I’m stubborn, and I don’t like change. I know it’s inevitable, but I just like to dig in my heels and resist like mad. I guess I think it’s easier to hold on to all of my bad habits and little lies to myself, rather than just giving it all up. I want to hold on to who I think I am, rather than embrace the person I could become. Or at least I think that’s what’s going on. My inner monologue has always been a bit confused.

Anyway, I’m just writing to spark some sort of creative process. I’ve got a paper due in seven hours, and while it’s short, like most things, I want it to be good. This week is going to be hard, and I guess that’s why I’m thinking there’s no better time for change than now. What better time than when I’m stressed out within an inch of my life. Maybe change will help remedy all of the pressure that I’m feeling, both physically and mentally. Winter is my own personal hell. Time to make it work.

The List:
– Machiavelli Paper due 2/4
– Politics of Immigration Midterm 2/6
– Cognitive Ethnography Photo Project due 2/7
– Cognitive Ethnography Overdue Project ASAP


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