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attention February 6, 2008

Filed under: college,life,photos,rant — Amy @ 6:55 pm

The Gaze
Originally uploaded by Anna Pagnacco

I’m working on a project that focuses on the details of the everyday world. Right now, I’m having trouble focusing. Ironic, isn’t it. I think I’m taking to finding photos on Flickr that suit my blogging moods. This is more fun. Beats being boring.

So I’m sitting in the library, and I have done some work, but right now, I’ve hit a rough spot. I’m not sure where to go, or what to right, so I’ve got to just analyze my data and step away. I might go to study tonight and see what we’re up to, then I can go home and finish my analysis. This process is long. I knew I should have given myself more time. Hey … at least it’s still the day before the project is due. 🙂


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