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This is the plan, see? March 3, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — Amy @ 2:20 pm

The handspun was the final straw. I have a problem.

In order to save both my wallet and my academic career, I’m putting a stop to the knitting (and purchasing!) until I’m done with most if not all of my projects (for school). In fact, my roommate is hiding my handspun when it comes in the mail so I cannot be distracted. I told her to do it. It will be my carrot. 🙂 Or at least I hope so …

Anyway, I know it’s a tragedy for my knitting, but if I fail a class, I believe that that may be a greater tragedy, and I’d rather not actualize that fear. Until then … perhaps I’ll update on all of the projects that are lingering. There’s a lot of lingering going on.


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