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Too much! March 3, 2008

Filed under: photos,stash — Amy @ 2:06 am

It’s a new year, and my house is overrun by yarn. I haven’t even been able to categorize it all. I keep buying more … and yeah. That just can’t be good.

There’s lots of new sock yarn, including:

STR Lightweight in Space Dust
Socks that Rock – Lightweight, in Space Dust (a Christmas present from Chelle!)

STR Lightweight in Panzanite
Socks that Rock – Lightweight, in Panzanite (another Christmas present from Chelle! … I feel so loved!)

Madelinetosh Somewhat Solid Sock in Scarlet
Madelinetosh Somewhat Solid Sock, in Scarlet (a present to myself … oh dear!)

And theeeen, there was a sale at Two Sisters and Ewe, my LYS in Mira Mesa … that was a good day.

And before that, I had extended family visiting, and we went out to Common Threads in Encinitas, and more yarn was purchased there, along with some Soak Wool Wash.

And of course, there were more yarn escapades online, one for the Mirabella Cardigan that I’m dying to make. Right after I finish my languishing Minimalist Cardigan …

And, as a belated birthday present to myself, I purchased a hank of MudCreek handspun in Diamondback. This is possibly the most daring thing I’ve done yet, as it’s my first handspun. I’m possibly the most excited about this! Obviously, there are not nearly enough photos to express my words, so words it’ll be. However, I hope to finish documenting my stash and whatever other yarn things are running around. I’ll save WIPs for another post, as this one is getting rather long, and additionally, I don’t have updated photos! I will soon, though. Til then, at least I’m sort of back! It’s just been too long. 🙂


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