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Archives: Reminiscent (07/22/2006) May 26, 2008

Filed under: college,life,travel — Amy @ 6:04 am

God, I love to reminisce. I wonder why my family has been doing that a lot lately, over dinner, during drives, while watching television. I think that my parents will miss my sister and myself, when she’s in Boston and I’m in Rome. It’s a strange feeling, to know that she’s going away. I mean, I know that I am leaving, too, but I feel like this is no longer my real home anyway. I’ve been going down to San Diego for two years now, and yes, Rome will be a completely new experience, but nothing has been permanent in my life for a while. I always get a little choked-up when we start putting things in boxes, because that means it’s time to move on. And as much as I embrace change, I resist it. The secret to change is coping. I know that I got into UCSD because they thought I could cope … and succeed. The same with Rome. I wouldn’t have gotten into the program if they didn’t like what I brought to the table.

I’m coping with life … and I’m loving every minute.


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