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hopefully, this is just an isolated incident June 7, 2007

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Today, I’m taking a break from my unwritten paper. (I procrastinated far too much.) I just wanted to mention this one little thing. Questionably intelligent people. In this case, I find it funny. I mean, it’s history after all. My “Crisis Areas in World Politics” class once discussed the value of history. It’s indispensable, but it’s also often misconstrued as justification for genocide. History is much touchier than we give it credit for.

We had our last class meeting on Tuesday, for that particular class, and I find that notable because a bunch of us got up and personally went up to shake our professor’s hand. He’s an amazing guy, and his stories most definitely need to be heard — especially now.

On a lighter note, check out The other sites just don’t do it for me, but this one is downright hilarious.


random talk for a tuesday evening May 22, 2007

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That’s it. I have to stop missing class. This is getting downright silly.

And you know what else is downright silly? There’s a new pill out there, and its intention is to end periods. I just don’t think that’s natural! Sure, being a girl is a pain in a butt, but there are some things out there which I just don’t think should be messed with that much. This is one of them.

I know, I can’t believe I’m putting this after menstrual talk, but Apolo Anton Ohno won Dancing with the Stars, Season 4! I think he most definitely deserves it, and I know that it makes me entire family happy. See what happens when my family votes? Good things, people, good things.

Another unbelievable thing: this academic quarter is coming to an end. It’s mind-blowing that it’s 8th week, but I just want it to go faster. I don’t want to say goodbye, but I’m tired of this already. I wish I could do well and we could just be through, because it’s frustrating. My classes aren’t bad or anything, but there’s so much I’d rather do, I guess. On a class related note, my Poli Sci professor was feeling bad today and had to sit down. We were all worried about him, so we called the paramedics. It seemed like he was doing better afterwards, but he gave us a scare. The man is the product of history. Someone once told me that he’s like Forrest Gump. He’s seen everything: the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Holocaust, Communist China, Communist Russia, Imperial Japan. It’s crazy. He’s living history.

One of these days, I wonder what legacy I’ll leave. I hope it’s a good one. I hope people stick around and care. I hope I leave the world better than I came into it.


what have we become? April 27, 2007

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Poetry, apparently, is dangerous.

It’s sad that the first conclusion we come to is the worst-case scenario. It’s sad that we automatically assume that a person is up to no good, based on what they look like, not who they are. It’s sad that we make such awful first impressions.

Anyway, I was talking with my friends about colorblindness. If a child can’t recognize colors, the first assumption that a teacher reaches is that “the child is retarded.” Colorblindness usually doesn’t even enter into the picture. Perhaps we’re as ignorant about children as we are about adults. Perhaps we need to slow down and think it through before we make accusations.

Just my little rant for now.


generation next April 7, 2007

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We’re a strange folk, the teens and twentysomethings of today. Our lives are on display on the internet for all to see, and we are frankly unabashed about it. Personal information floats around like it means nothing, and we share a lot about ourselves with people who we don’t know. Such is the fearlessness of this generation. At the same time, it makes us rather predictable, and when we reach middle age, perhaps there will be nothing left to tell. I would say more about this, but I find that two articles I’ve come across say it better than I could.

Wow … it’s ironic that I post it here. And … perhaps we are just the generation of excess. Maybe I’ll feel compelled to take on this topic at another time.