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March 9, 2008

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I don’t know why I love this video so much.

Anyway, this week looks to be stressful. I hope to jam through the rest of the projects I have to do. In a week, there are also final exams, so it’s almost over! Holy crap!

And then … D.C. and Boston! My new carrot at the end of the stick, besides yarn that I made my roommate hide. That’s a whole ‘nother subject. Really wondering whether I should just combine this blog and my knitting blog. Separating my life is horribly difficult, I think. That, and am I really that interesting? Then again, perhaps this one is just lots of inspiration and cool tidbits. Chi sa? (Who knows?)


you were the music, and you were my love March 6, 2008

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I’ve been romping around, and I’ve stumbled upon a number of lovely videos that I want to archive. For myself and for others, naturally.

Songwriters Hall of Fame Honors Sheik & Sater:
1 of 7: John Gallagher, Jr. – “All That’s Known”
2 of 7: Lauren Pritchard, John Gallagher, Jr. & Duncan Sheik – “Mr. Chess”
3 of 7: Lauren Pritchard with John Gallagher, Jr. – “The Dark I Know Well”
4 of 7: John Gallagher, Jr & Lauren Pritchard – “Left Behind”
5 of 7: ?
6 of 7: ?
7 of 7: ?

I find it interesting that after leaving the show, JG gets to perform his character’s funeral song in a mini-concert. Oh, and do watch “Mr. Chess” as it’s interesting to hear others besides DS take on the material. Also, as they post the last three videos, I hope to add them to this little archive. I’m a nut. I know it. Here’s more proof.

Modern Love: Spending Valentine’s Day with the Cast of Spring Awakening
1 of 4: Romance
2 of 4: Firsts
3 of 4: Dos and Don’ts
4 of 4: Love on Broadway

Rent is closing on June 1! That makes me sad, but watching Anthony Rapp narrate the last commercial and give some commentary makes me sadder.


he’s following me! February 3, 2008

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Oh, Pachelbel …

Oh, and if you dig Rob and all of his craziness, find more of him at his website. 🙂


with the band February 2, 2008

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Adorable meme nabbed from fingersandtoes!

First you need a wikipedia random article . The article title is your band name.

Second, go here. The last four words of the last quotation on the page is your debut album title.

Thirdly, go here. The third picture on the page is your album cover.

Then you put it all together and post it on your blog!


Photo copyright Valarun. (


a tribute to things that never were December 12, 2007

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This song is amazingly haunting. Enjoy.


whoa … November 18, 2007

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Timothy Daniel is just unbelievably talented. The way he sings the word “California” strikes me with Wonderment every time. (That’s his newest album, if you didn’t get the point. It’s amazing. 🙂 Check it out!

Watch live video from timothydaniel on


the little things! October 29, 2007

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Whoa … I won this contest over at I AM FUEL, YOU ARE FRIENDS (which is a rockin’ music blog, by the way), and I’m getting a copy of the soundtrack for the new Bob Dylan biopic, I’m Not There. Excuse the linking and all, but essentially, I won myself a CD of Dylan covers, and I’m thrilled. Dude … I never win anything … right?

Along with that, bare: the album is releasing tomorrow! (See previous posts.) Thrilled yet again. 🙂 It’s all well and good … except I have no idea how much it costs.

And, to top it all off, I’m trying to work on a draft of a paper, to review tomorrow and to turn in on Thursday. I also have a test. So I’m going to see the professor. And I have to plan Bible Study, and I want to check up with people, and I need to study, and, Christ, it feels like there’s just no time in the day for all the things I need to do.

Halloween’s on Wednesday and I’m leading Bible Study. I have a test and a paper due the next day, so all work and no play makes Amy a dull girl … but perhaps a smidge more successful. Wish me luck!