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Conceptualizing July 9, 2008

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I am panicking about my future. This isn’t the first instance, nor, I’m certain, will it be the last. However, this was the first time I think I had a truly good idea of what I want eventually. I want to be an interaction designer. There. I’ve said it. I can’t take it back.

The biggest problem for me at the moment is deciding between graduate school and an entry-level job/internship. I actually rather love to work, but I’m concerned that I’m not ready for the work force. Perhaps I’m second-guessing myself, but I’m also worried that I won’t want to go back to school after working. Simultaneously, I’m worried about entry level jobs. I can’t find any that I want. I guess beggars can’t be choosers. But I don’t want to live in Middle-of-Nowhere, USA.

However, if there’s a bright spot to all this, I found a neat little quote that sums up how I want to be/what I want to possess:

The precision of an artist and the passion of a scientist.

How’s that for a thought?


Archives: Trains to Anywhere (09/25/2006) May 26, 2008

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My week away from Rome was a crazy adventure in many senses. It started out all right. We (my two travel buddies and I) went to Siena first, for the day, where it rained. The rain, however, was not to bad. Just a pain in the butt. Then, we decided to take an earlier train into Venice. The night train was a bad idea, but this might have been slightly worst. We met two random boys at the Venice Train Station (St. Lucia), which was actually the best part. Then, while trying to find their hostel, we got lost in Venice. Then, because we had no hostel (since we had planned to sleep on the night train), we slept in a tunnel in the rain. Record setting rain, in fact. Needless to say, we were soaked. We arrived in Milan on one piece, but someone’s money got stolen, so she had to head home with my other travel buddy. So I headed alone to Florence. It was absolutely stunning.

Now, I am back in Rome, and it is raining again. Seriously, what a let down. Let’s hope that my next trip works out better. Knock on wood.


Archives: Cleaning the Heart (07/18/2006)

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I found myself mindlessly staring at my messy room today. My messy house. Well, my parent’s messy house. I sometimes wonder how it got this way, probably through years and years of hoarding and neglect and putting things away and never letting go. That’s how I feel my heart is sometimes — a packrat’s haven. I’ve got so many little annoying things stored up inside, things that I am unwilling to part with, that they are all I see, clouding my vision. I focus on the mess of my life, and I cannot — will not — see the beauty of the simple contents of my life. My life is so cluttered right now, and I’ve got to simplify it before I go.


attention February 6, 2008

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The Gaze
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I’m working on a project that focuses on the details of the everyday world. Right now, I’m having trouble focusing. Ironic, isn’t it. I think I’m taking to finding photos on Flickr that suit my blogging moods. This is more fun. Beats being boring.

So I’m sitting in the library, and I have done some work, but right now, I’ve hit a rough spot. I’m not sure where to go, or what to right, so I’ve got to just analyze my data and step away. I might go to study tonight and see what we’re up to, then I can go home and finish my analysis. This process is long. I knew I should have given myself more time. Hey … at least it’s still the day before the project is due. 🙂


ready or not … February 5, 2008

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Originally uploaded by Dappers

This is how I feel right now … well, sort of. Bright, but ready to smash my head against the wall.

Let’s put it this way. “Winter quarter needs to shove off and die.”

And yes, oh yes, I blogged two different photos in the span of five minutes. What can I say? I’m ignoring my studies and trolling Flickr.


coming to terms February 4, 2008

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I’m stubborn, and I don’t like change. I know it’s inevitable, but I just like to dig in my heels and resist like mad. I guess I think it’s easier to hold on to all of my bad habits and little lies to myself, rather than just giving it all up. I want to hold on to who I think I am, rather than embrace the person I could become. Or at least I think that’s what’s going on. My inner monologue has always been a bit confused.

Anyway, I’m just writing to spark some sort of creative process. I’ve got a paper due in seven hours, and while it’s short, like most things, I want it to be good. This week is going to be hard, and I guess that’s why I’m thinking there’s no better time for change than now. What better time than when I’m stressed out within an inch of my life. Maybe change will help remedy all of the pressure that I’m feeling, both physically and mentally. Winter is my own personal hell. Time to make it work.

The List:
– Machiavelli Paper due 2/4
– Politics of Immigration Midterm 2/6
– Cognitive Ethnography Photo Project due 2/7
– Cognitive Ethnography Overdue Project ASAP


the road before us January 15, 2008

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This is a pattern … me, on my floor, procrastinating on something I want to do and know that I can indeed do. I’m just … stuck. I wonder whether I put myself into this situation, this was inevitable, or both. No matter. It’s now the problem of digging myself out of this hole and not consuming an entire package of Saltines. I have forgotten how salty these things really are. I feel that if I were a snail or a slug, I would shrivel right up/implode just at the sight. Whoo!

Anyway, I suppose not much has changed since last year. Yes, I’m getting older, and perhaps I have some better idea of where I’m going, but the future still looms, yet it is a distant fantasy. It’s like the side view mirrors of the car. Objects are closer than they appear. So here I am, laptop in lap, really, typing away toward my future. The road is endless, but but I’m in need of a rest stop, and I’m not sure where that next exit will take me. At least, I think, I have over a year to figure this out. I really think that this whole double-major thing is a procrastination tactic. Story of my life, eh? At least I cop to it.