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Photo Moment: Poppies Party June 2, 2008

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poppies party, originally uploaded by Matteo Sasselli.

I love the contrast of the bright poppies against the sky. It’s bleak, but hopeful. 🙂


Some days, you just can’t get rid of a bomb!

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I get a huge kick out of over-the-top clips such as this one. Apparently, bombs are very conveniently timed … and very large … yet not very heavy. Thank you, Ashley.

Classic quote:
“They may be drinkers, Robin, but they’re also human beings.”


Mixtapes May 31, 2008

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My formative years were spent with cassettes, but by the time I reached adolescence, CDs were firmly established. That said, I missed out on the true art of the mixtape. I like to make sure my mixes flow, but I never learned the art of smoothly mixing on my home tape deck. Most of my mixing experience has been gained at my computer, with headphones and CDs. However, I love making mixes, and I think that the art carries something special that sets music lovers apart. We really listen. We try not to just hum along. We’re constantly on the look out for music that truly expresses what we hope to say. Perhaps, then, this search is the true (he)art of the mix.

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Catchy! May 28, 2008

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I completely blame Olivia for this, by the way. 🙂

Apparently, Ben Barnes, a.k.a. Prince Caspian, used to be in a boy band. And that boy band sang a damn catchy tune. Listen. It’s stuck in my head, and I felt it was only right to share the love.


Crafty: Etsy May 26, 2008

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I’m constantly searching Etsy for the next best thing. If it can be crafted, you can probably buy it. I’ve bought everything from gorgeous sock yarn and breathtaking handspun to massive glass pendants to magnets of the world. The number of talented artisans out there is absolutely incredible, and it’s nice to have a place where a lot of them have congregated and their goods can be seen. It’s horrible for my wallet, though. 🙂

What brings this up is a recent article from SFGate: Etsy Lets Art Sales Take Wing

It’s just nice to see a place like this get coverage, especially for all of those artists out there whose work deserves all the coverage it can get. Anyway, this was the crafty update of the day, so because I’ve no time for much else in the way of being crafty, it will have to do for now. 🙂



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I’m so fickle about my blogging. I’m always thinking there’s a better site, or a better way — a better anything. However, I’ve come to separating my life into parts, and that’s been bothering me a bit. My guess is that this blog will attempt to be more professional, but I make no guarantees. Perhaps it will end up that I consolidate my life here. Wouldn’t that be fitting.


Archives: What Is Up? I Am! (09/29/2006)

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Holy cow. I am turning into a morning person. I have had to leave the house by around 8 AM for the past four days, and today, after my silly phone alarm rang twice, I climbed down the ladder, turned it off, and stayed down. I suppose I am just a creature of habit, and as such, have gotten into the groove. I am excited by this prospect. Maybe I will lead a normal adult life after all!