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it took you long enough July 4, 2007

Filed under: college,links,politics,rant — Amy @ 10:35 pm

Well, I must apologize. I kept promising myself a blog entry, but it never emerged from my fingertips. I started a few, I think, but they just didn’t materialize. I haven’t blogged since school ended. For the record, I didn’t fail any classes, but I know I could have done better. In face, for the record, too, I’m considering changing my major. It’s not settled yet. On Monday, I’m taking the day off, and I’ll be sorting out a few things, including a little bit of medical weirdness and the whole let’s-go-talk-to-an-advisor-and-figure-this-out thing. That was a lot of hyphens.

In random, Fourth of July/Independence Day news, the 92nd Annual Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest went on, and the winner was Joey Chestnut. (Does it blow anyone else’s mind that there is an International Federation of Competitive Eating?) It makes me worry about the state of he world … just a little bit. I mean, I am thoroughly entertained, but a little nagging part of me wonders how much of that food that these folks consume could feed others. Just a thought.

Additionally, in more intriguing and possibly infuriation news (that is admittedly a little old), Scooter Libby’s sentence was commuted. We can only hope that this is the end of the road. I have the bare bones of this case, but beyond that, I don’t feel like I can pass strong judgment. However, I feel like he seriously put lives in danger, and because of that, he got a punishment that the court thought was suitable for his crime. President Bush did not think so. This I have a hard time comprehending.

Otherwise, not much to report on the Amy-front, other than that I have been working around 80% at my office so far this summer. It’s fun, and, though I don’t think it’s the kind of job I see myself in full-time in the future, it’s worthwhile experience, and I appreciate all of my co-workers. In the fall, I’ll be working a lot less, as I’ll have bigger fish to fry (namely, trying to graduate in 1+ years.)

I’ll try to keep updating. Oh, and I read Schindler’s List. So good! I highly recommend it.


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