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compensating? April 29, 2007

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Daylight, my knits, my camera, and myself have finally aligned, and today, I can bring you photos! Lots and lots of photos! This is the summary of what I’ve been working on for a while. I’ve been shopping online a lot, and as a result have mounds of variegated, teal sock yarn (two balls of which have turned into Jaywalkers), two books, and 5 skeins of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton. I can’t seem to write a coherent entry right now, so I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.

First, Jaywalker #1, which has been finished since the beginning of April.
Jaywalker #1

Second, Jaywalker #2, which has been on the needles for a week or two. The hardest thing about knitting this one is trying to make it match Jaywalker #1.
Jaywalker #2

To conclude what’s on the needles right now, it seems I’ve almost completed my first pair of socks! Soon, I’ll just need to block them, because they’re wrinkly little suckers.
A Pair of Jaywalkers!

Next on the needles, Blue Sky Dyed Cotton:
Blue Sky Dyed Cotton - Drift

What will it be? This adorable eyelet cardigan, which came in a sale kit from kpixie. Alas, it’s not on sale anymore, but I couldn’t resist!
Eyelet Cardigan Kit

And to round everything out, here’s a photo from the archives. This was taken when I first began Clapotis. I think I was sitting in the upstairs lobby of Palazzo Maffei Marescotti when I took this.
Clapotis - the beginning


well that explains it April 27, 2007

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You know what the problem is? Making the socks match. And hoping to catch good daylight to take pictures … if I could find my camera? I’m such a bad blogger.


what have we become?

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Poetry, apparently, is dangerous.

It’s sad that the first conclusion we come to is the worst-case scenario. It’s sad that we automatically assume that a person is up to no good, based on what they look like, not who they are. It’s sad that we make such awful first impressions.

Anyway, I was talking with my friends about colorblindness. If a child can’t recognize colors, the first assumption that a teacher reaches is that “the child is retarded.” Colorblindness usually doesn’t even enter into the picture. Perhaps we’re as ignorant about children as we are about adults. Perhaps we need to slow down and think it through before we make accusations.

Just my little rant for now.


why? April 23, 2007

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Why is the second sock the more difficult of the two? Is it because I’m not toting the pattern around with me like another appendage? Is it because I can’t keep decrease rows and pattern rows straight? What is it? Jaywalker #1 never gave me this much trouble!

I’m done ranting for now. Please return to your regularly scheduled programming.


deja vu?

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Jaywalker #1 is done, thanks to my mother’s darning needle. Now, I have turned to Jaywalker #2, and by that I mean that I believe I’ve been trying to turn the heel of Jaywalker #2 for about 12 hours. I’ve lost a stitch. I’ve broken the pattern. I’ve counted multiple times. I’m sure I have everything. All I really want to do is turn the heel. then I can start on the rest of the sock. Then my poor little lonely Jaywalker #1 can have its sole mate. It’s noticeably darker sole mate. That’s all right. It’ll just mean that the socks are handknit. For sure.

I really must take pictures.

Update: The heel has been turned. It’s a 3 AM miracle. It just needs to stay that way.


bigger than any of us April 17, 2007

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buona pasqua April 8, 2007

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Happy Easter, all! I know, I really should spend time on the Christian aspect of this holiday, but I am just amused by chocolate bunnies.

So, my mother gave me a Chocolate Easter Bunny to bring down. I get to unwrap him today, and I figured I’d take some pictures and give him the all-around inspection. What I found was intriguing.

He looks like your ordinary, run of the mill bunny.

The nutritional facts state that he is one to be divided into thirds. What can I say? I have a hard time imagining a third of a bunny.

And if you still want more fun:

I got this from Cara, so go visit her!